Tori’s Maze Creators

Friday 30 September 2011, by Cécile Desbrun

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Cécile Desbrun

Born in 1986, Cécile discovered Tori’s music in 2003 when Scarlet’s Walk’s cover caught her eye at her local record store. She listened to 30 seconds clips, bought the album and immediatly fell in love with it. She then bought Tori’s whole back catalog and developed a passion for her music and the way she weaves powerful themes in her lyrics.

A master’s graduate in cinema since last year, she wrote a memoir on David Lynch and started a career as a cultural journalist and translator. She’s also maintaining a blog she created in 2009, CulturELLEment Vôtre, where she publishes mostly cinema, music and book reviews. When she’s not writing or watching movies, she enjoys cooking and taking photographs and has a strong interest in American litterature, psychology, mythology, gender studies as well as fashion.

Though she first had the idea of a Tori Amos labyrinthic fansite in 2006, she really developped the concept in 2009 and began the site’s actual creation in 2011. She wrote all of the original articles of the site and worked closely with Jérémy on its visual conception.

Jérémy Zucchi

Born in 1986, Jérémy practiced his painting and drawing skills since an early age then developed a passion for cinema and web designing. He directed, filmed and edited several short movies and is currently working on documentaries and writing a book on SF author Philip K. Dick’s aesthetics.

A fan of Charlie Chaplin, Stanley Kubrick, Sergio Leone or Roger Waters (Pink Floyd), Jérémy is equally passionate and stubborn and a tad grumpy when computers don’t immediatly access to his wishes.

He discovered Tori Amos thanks to Cécile and immediatly loved her music. His favorite Tori album is Under the Pink and he had a great — but tough —.time developing and creating Tori’s Maze graphic design with Cécile.