Tori Amos: In the Studio

By Jake Brown

Saturday 27 August 2011, by Cécile Desbrun

ECW Press
Release Date : April 2011 (originally scheduled for May 1)
ISBN-10 : 1550229451
ISBN-13 : 978-1550229455

In the Studio is an unofficial biography tracing back the career of Tori Amos and providing details about her creative and recording process. It’s mainly a book compiling quotes of existing interviews, though it provides exclusive comments of Y Kant Tori Read’s producer Joe Chicarelli about this first attempt, for instance. The book features a chapter by studio album and goes up to Midwinter Graces. The author also provides his analysis of Tori’s split with Epic.

Despite its lack of truly exclusive content, most fans reported it was nicely written and allowed a pretty handy overview of Tori’s career and process, contrary to the reportedly very bad and opportunistic Pretty Good Years. Of course, fans having read all of Tori’s interviews might not consider it’s a must-have item, so it’s up to you. You can read an excerpt of nearly 20 pages on Amazon, so if you’re not sure whether you want to buy this book, I suggest that you go read it and decide for yourself if you like the author’s style.

Tori Amos: In the Studio is also available in Kindle version on Amazon and e-book through the iTunes Stores of several countries.