Tori Amos: Images and Insights

compiled by Kalen Rogers

Thursday 11 August 2011, by Cécile Desbrun

Catalog n°: OP 47856 (Omnibus Press)
Release Date : December 1996
ISBN US : 0.8256.1567.4
ISBN UK : 0.7119.6115.8

Images and Insights is Tori Amos’ first official photo book compiled by the author of the All These Years authorized biography and featuring a very large number of pics by Cindy Palmano from Little Earthquakes to Boys for Pele as well as a large part of the photos shot by Rankin in 1996 for Pele’s promotion in magazines (it doesn’t include the vampire pictures though). The images are accompanied by a selection of Tori’s best quotes from various interviews between 1992 and 1996. The book is 96-page long, 11,9" x9,1" and features color and black and white pictures.

The only complaint I could personnally make, however, is that while the book is of a good quality overall with well chosen pictures and both funny and insightful quotes that will please the fans, the impression on paper of a part of the pics is not that good, with sometimes so-so contrasts and visible pixelation. In that sense, the impression of the tourbooks, of the Orange Book or of any following Tori Amos book is much much better. Overall, the book is still worth having for fans who love Tori pictures from Little Earthquakes to Boys for Pele. And they sure are gorgeous pics.

Availability and market value

The book is out-of-print but you can find it very easily on Amazon or eBay. It will usually cost you a bit more than the All These Years authorized biography or Collectibles book by Paul Campbell, though. Usually, on Amazon, prices range from 12 to 30€. I would advise you not to pay more than that. By regularly checking eBay, you could also get lucky : I bought my copy from an American seller for less than 2$ (plus the shipping costs of course) : no one but me had placed a bidding on it.