Tori Amos: Collectibles

by Paul Campbell

Thursday 11 August 2011, by Cécile Desbrun

Catalog n°: OP 47869 (Omnibus Press)
Release date : March 1997
ISBN US : 0.8256.1578.X
ISBN UK : 0.7119.6174.3

Tori Amos : Collectibles is your Bible if you collect Tori items ranging from her debuts to 1997. This 216 page book contains information on all the albums, singles, videos, books, promotional items and much more released up to this period. Each item is accompanied by color pictures and provides advice to check the authenticity of the rarest items (such as the Y Kant Tori Read CD) so you’re sure you dont buy a fake. The book also features a comprehensive discography, tour dates of her three first tours, a list of TV appearances, the collaborations she did…

Though Campbell’s book doesn’t cover anything beyond Boys for Pele and that a great part of the informations and pictures provided here are now available online with details on the collectibles of her following releases, this book is neat, with nicely printed pictures, and will please any serious collector searching comprenhesive details about this first part of her career and wanting to keep these informations at hand for a quick check when browsing through items on auction sites.

Availability and market value

The book is out-of-print but you can find it very easily on Amazon or eBay and at low prices. Usually, a used copy will cost you less than 10$ while a mint copy should cost no more than 15 or 20$. Don’t pay attention to the sellers selling it sometimes over 30, 50 or even 130$ !