Tuesday 14 June 2011, by Cécile Desbrun

“My eyes burn from listening. I cannot only be the small sum of my experiences but must be a channel for those that I have never had and maybe never will. Otherwise I can only hear the music through my finite human filter instead of hearing independent frequencies. Frequency and tone are autonomous and of the multiverse not just of my meager knowing. We can transcribe musical experience from the multiverse if we can be exactly that - perceptive scribes and co-creators instead of needing to be the only creator, how lonely.” (CD booklet)

“May the lightening storm bring me peace. I am willing the pilot to get closer. The charged bolts of spindly circuitry are contained within a squad of clouds - think cheerleaders’ poms-poms from Team Ether. I need a jolt. An argument with a scary female breed in duty-free may cure my need-to-shop-almost-now fever, which some girls are known to come down with more than once a month.

I looked around for Isabel to neutralize. For Pip to have my back. For Santa to commiserate with after the Titch Fest insanity, and finally for Clyde to make sense of the Dark World that would give me a reason, any reason, to hope. But not today. No. Scheduling... They were not on my flight. I was alone.” (American Doll Posse tourbook)