Saturday 1 October 2011, by Cécile Desbrun

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No matter how great Jérémy’s graphic designing skills are, creating such a beautiful website would not have been possible without the talent of the photographs and artists who’ve provided artwork for Tori Amos over the years and Tori’s own commitment to creating a strong image. Their stunning work has been a great source of inspiration for us and we would like to thank them.

Note: for the albums section, we used photographs from each album’s original artwork.

Thanks to Coral for kindly providing many scans for the gallery and fanzines section.

Thanks to our friends for their support.

We’d also like to thank everyone in the Toriphile community who supported us and gave us amazing feedback throughout the site’s creation as we posted regular previews on our blogs. This site was made for you and we truly hope you’ll enjoy it and will be there over the years to see how it evolves.

And, last but not least, thanks to Tori Amos for the gift of her music. Something she wrote in Piece by Piece comes to mind: “Good artists are the ones that whisper our own stories back to us.” That’s exactly what she did —and still does— and her creativity constantly fueled our own while we were making this website. We’d like to thank you for that, Tori.


Cécile & Jérémy