Taxi Ride promotional only single

Monday 6 June 2011, by Cécile Desbrun

Release Date: January 2003

Catalog n°: ESK59064

1. Taxi Ride – Radio Edit 3:56

This 1-track single was released to US radio stations in early January 2003.

Why get it ?

-  If you collect rare Tori items.
-  If you collect promo-only singles.
-  For the two beautiful black and white photographs featured on the picture sleeve. They’re not included anywhere else (albums, singles, tourbook...).

I wouldn’t buy it if

I’m not a completist and prefer singles with more tracks and B-Sides.

In brief

For completists mainly.

Where can I find it ?

As this single was never released commercially, you’ll have to search on sites such as Amazon, or eBay, among others.

What’s it worth?