Music Videos

Saturday 1 October 2011, by Cécile Desbrun

Directed by: Mark Kohr
From the album: Boys for Pele (1996)
Atlantic Records/East West

Article coming soon. In the meantime, read Tori’s quotes about the song.

"I’m doing a video with Mark Kohr, who did Alanis Morissette’s Hand In My Pocket video, and a Primus video which I love, with the pigs face and the circus. Wild. We’re filming it in an old power plant, defunct now. This is for the next single, Talula. Mark has done other things, a lot of the Green Day stuff. I like the idea of being in a power plant with a harpsichord, like the old with the new. The dehumanization with the wood, the pipes with the metal. Through it, he shows the process with other characters that come in and out of it, very much like in 2010, the process of dehumanization. In it, everybody has a category, a tag, and yet my being is just trying to dance in the midst of all this as it’s happening." (Upside Down #7, winter 1996)

"’Boy in the Plastic Bubble’ has always been a cornerstone for me and Miss Karen. If we were freezing, imagine the Harpsie...Batter Sea Power Station in February — yick. Talula the song had 2 major themes, power and value. Those in power can demand that we see and agree with them by threatening us with a loss of some kind. Here in ’Talula’ my character is seperated from her primal voice, her bloodline, which is represented by the Harp. If you don’t agree or follow those in power, I do believe, there will be rejoicing by your own inner child. Loss is a scary thing but what I found to be more scary would be to feel nothing over a loss. Similar to that sentiment, I would rather have loved and lost then to never have loved at all." (Tori Stories promo booklet, 1998)

"So this was filmed in Battersea power station in London. I guess you could say it’s a performance video more than a story video. Clearly, there are elements of investigation. I was investigating Southern culture with this song, ’Talula.’ So I think the idea of being checked over and weighed up, and put under the microscope was, I guess, you know, a good opportunity for somebody to put me in a box again. I do like acrobats. I’ve always had a... I don’t know, incredible respect for them. I’m not afraid of heights, but at the same time, I can say that I’m, I’m daring. So, I sort of trusted the director and let him just bring in these very abstract elements. Do I know what this video is about? Absolutely not. I have no idea. But I don’t really mind that. He has something going on in his head, and it made sense to me while he was telling me. I kind of , you know, I like a good caper, and I like it when you bring the science in with music. So I did my bit. And I guess, Karen and Lesley, shimmer and the Glam Squad at the time, were really about not too many tricks. Just, you know, ’Go play the harpsichord.’So I said, ’Yeah, okay. I can’t do a lot, but I think I can do that.’" (Fade to Red, "Talula" audio commentary by Tori)