Sweet the Sting

Saturday 1 October 2011, by Cécile Desbrun

From the album: The Beekeeper (2005)
Directed by: Alex Smith
Epic Records

"Sweet the Sting" was the second music video released to promote The Beekeeper. It is basically a performance video shot during Tori’s rehearsals with the London Community Gospel Choir for the show at the Apollo Hammersmith of London which took place on the 4th of June 2005. It includes behind-the-scenes footage, but much less than the "Bliss" music video. The performances shots, which constitute the most part of the video, are very staged, Tori carefully lip-synching the lyrics to the song with the choir singing at her sides.

In this sense, it doesn’t capture her live shows and rehearsals with the same spontaneity than the much appreciated Loren Haynes video. In the audio commentary on Fade to Red, Tori commented : "And the truth of it is, when you go live, I mean, you know, there is no lip synch live, you know, there are artists that use DATs when they’re onstage. I mean, that’s just because they’re not really musicians who can perform live. They’re artists who are studio accomplished, but they’re very different things. And I sort of, I love the challenge of having to do it, you know, with the nervousness in your voice and the cold hands and the butterflies. I think all of that makes it magical or a train wreck. And, you know, it’s... that’s the danger of it. So, if you use DATs, then you’re really not very dangerous, are you?"

The Apollo Hammersmith show was the only one of the Original Sinsuality Tour to feature the gospel choir. They sang with Tori on four songs (" Witness", "Hoochie Woman", "Sweet the Sting" and "Mother Revolution"). The show was recorded and made commercially available on The Original Bootlegs.

This video is featured onFade to Red, Tori’s video collection on DVD.