Song Analysis

Mrs Jesus

jeudi 22 septembre 2011, par Cécile Desbrun

(Coming soon ! In the meantime, read Tori’s quotes about the song)

"In a strange, strange time, when the masks are down, she hooks up with Mrs. Jesus. And he is quite a, I guess you could say, a blast from the past. But um, she needed a ride, and he had one to offer. And he’s very much, I guess you could say, one of those men that is probably more aware of women than a lot of women. And... gentle... and fierce... and has a lot of qualities that I think she would like to have in herself.

Physically, he’s not a woman, but he seems to be able to understand women. And he’s in touch with certain things. Mrs. Jesus is in a pretty good space. He’s able to shed some light on um, religious fanaticism. And he’s able to shed some light on, you know, people using Christianity for their own means, what that looks like. The Chrisitianity that was sown in America, some of it gave people religious freedom as we know, and some of it took religious freedoms away from the Native people, where they weren’t even allowed to speak their language for a long time.

So, you know, these things that are part of our history... her story, America’s story, is something that is imperative for her to know, for Scarlet to know. If she’s gonna truly accept America for who she is, you know, you have to know the truth." (Scarlet Stories CD)

Trying to escape from New York, Scarlet picks up a ride. "Scarlet has a lot of questions and no answers at a time when the world is in deep trouble. Everything is twisted. But Mrs. Jesus represents life and she takes a ride with her out of the city to try to make some sense of what has happened." (Scarlet’s Walk bio)