Song Analysis


Thursday 22 September 2011, by Cécile Desbrun

"I think Crazy provides, yes, stability. He’s consistent and he’s quite understanding of madness. He’s not afraid of it, and he’s in control of it, so I think in a way that’s very um... seductive to Scarlet at this time, because things have been unravelling and they haven’t been consistent and people who she thought was one way were maybe not that way and maybe she had certain beliefs that, ’if you love somebody, you can, you’re gonna like them, too,’ and that isn’t necessarily true.

They go for quite a spin, they go up through the (Tee-Tans?) and up over Bear Tooth Pass, back into Montana yet again and um... you know, go around Crazy Horse’s stomping ground and then they come through (Cody?) and swoop back um... through Jackson Hole. They, they were there already, had a hot tub. And then they tip through Idaho for a moment and get into Utah and then that gorgeous canyon country. We’re there alone and being alone in the desert with a man is something that Scarlet seems to like doing. It’s kinda handy because um... there’s nobody else around to distract him. All focus is on them relating to each other." (Scarlet Stories CD)

"But you also play against type sometimes. The music for me is where the secrets lie, the lyric can only tell part of the story. The music has never been just a backdrop for me. Different instruments take on different characters. In ’Crazy’ for example the guitar becomes the character at one point and the music tells you his secrets." (Hot Press November 20, 2002)