Song Analysis

You’ll Be Taken Care Of

Wednesday 28 September 2011, by Cécile Desbrun

"You’ll Be Taken Care Of" is the first song sung by Tori on David Byrne’s song cycle Here Lies Love about the life of former Philippines president’s wife, Imelda Marcos and it’s the third song of the record. Tori sings the part of Imelda’s mother, Remedios. She’s on her deathbed and promises her servant Estrella, who devoted herself to their family, that she will be "taken care of" by her children, whom she raised as her own while Remedios was too depressed by the extreme poverty they lived in (they lived in a leaking garage and slept on boards). Ironically, Remedios’ daughter, Imelda, will marry the soon-to-be-president-of-the-Philippines Ferdinand Marcos and will then ignore Estrella’s attempts to reach her. But the lives of the two women will intertwine again as Imelda will harshly get back at her former nurse for speaking publicly about her poor childhood.

Tori also sings on the final track "Why Don’t You Love Me?" a duet with Cindy Lauper (Imelda on this track), as Estrella.