Song Analysis

Ode to My Clothes

Thursday 25 August 2011, by Cécile Desbrun

"Ode to My Clothes" is an humorous song Tori improvised in the middle of Strange Little Girls recording, between two takes, when she learned about the unfortunate loss of a bunch of her designer clothes. In A Piano booklet, she recalls : "A friend of mine was driving around southern Ireland [where Tori owns a house] and, although he knew very well I was in England recording, became very confused because he kept thinking he saw me walking around town. Apparently he recognized a chartreuse Prada sweater there, a sleek Costume National fitted jacket there, and a Gucci purse on another woman’s arm. He rolled down the window and said to one woman, ’This is weird, I could have sworn you were my friend Tori.’ She responded, ’Oh, didn’t you know, Tori is giving away clothes up at her house.’ Turning green, he raced up to the house to discover the woman who was supposed to take the clothes to the dry cleaning thought they were clothes to be given away to anyone who was interested. You see I’d left everything I wanted cleaned in a black bin liner as I was leaving town. My friend immediatly called me up and said, ’You know your Lady Liberty curtains from the French Revolution and the clothes you thought were going to the dry cleaners… hey are now scattered throughout Ireland.’ (…) Needless to say, i don’t store things in black bin liners anymore."

The song was just a funny little tune that wasn’t necessarily supposed to be officially released, but it came out in 2006 with the other previously unreleased tracks of A Piano, Tori’s 5 CD-boxset including an extensive selection of her best songs as well as exclusive material.