Song Analysis

Northern Lad

Thursday 8 September 2011, by Cécile Desbrun

(coming soon! In the meantime, read Tori’s quotes about the song.)

"Northern Lad is probably the loved woman in the group and she’s gotta, she had to go to another country to get it yeah, yeah, I know northern lad, yeah." (Atlantic Records Electronic Press Kit, May 1998)

"My heart goes out to where that song comes from. It’s very much about thinking you were loved for who you were, and realizing you weren’t, and realizing maybe you don’t love yourself. The line, ’I guess you go too far...when pianos try to be guitars’ is just about never being enough. I felt that with my instrument sometimes, wanting to be Jimmy Page. You can only be you. A lot of times it’s never enough for people." (Alternative Press, July 1998)

"Since 1994, Mark has been the sound engineer on all my albums. when we first met in a rehearsal room in North London, i thought, "This is big. This is an upheaval in my life." He’s a Northern lad, quite anarchic, and a little bit shaggy, you know. when he proposed to me, he said, "I’m definately not marrying you for a Green Card. I can’t live in that place," so i’ve had to be the one who relocated." (Woman’s Journal, November 2001)

“I met this guy, he’s no white knight, but I wrote this for him. (...) I’m really not supposed to talk about him, see we made a deal - I married him.” (radio show - 1998)