Song Analysis

Dark Side of the Sun

Thursday 25 August 2011, by Cécile Desbrun

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"I feel that we are at such a pivotal time in history, and the woman known as Isabel is the one that sings these two songs [’Yo George’ and ’Dark Side of the Sun’]. Depending on what we can do as a force — we’re just citizens of this country called America, but also as a force of women — will determine how people look back at us in 200 years. There was a time when Germany was the most powerful force in the world, and that was not that long ago. There was a time that Russia was one of the most powerful forces. There was a time when Napoleon was marching and invading country after country. He made a wrong move by invading Russia, but what if he hadn’t done that? Who knows what the world would look like — the list goes on — especially when you think of Rome and that empire.

The American Empire is a fragile thing, and it seems to me that we have the most powerful coalition of women in the world. If they would just unmuzzle themselves and pull their head out of their navel, no matter how cute it is, and really understand that we are being distracted — willingly distracted — from challenging and the most destructive power that our country has faced in a long time. That would be the power of the Right Wing and the arm that reaches into the leaders that are their puppets." (VenusZine, May 10, 2007)

"Well, it [music] can chronicle time, clearly. And yet, as it’s mirroring what’s going on, sometimes it’s the match that you throw on the kindling that sparks conciousness. And sometimes it’s not just one piece of music. Sometimes it is a barrage. You get a spark here and a spark there and I think we’re beginning to see that again, like we did in the 90’s. We had it at different time periods, where you have music periods reflecting the time. If you really look back at your American history. George Bush’s father had been reigning when Grunge was on the horizon in its infancy. When I was writing Little Earthquakes, the father was in power and I wrote a song called ’Sweet Dreams,’ which was about the father And we have a song on this record that really adressed the American people about the son. And ’Dark Side of the Sun.’ And ’Father’s Son.’ There is a lot of this, what would you say, it’s a parallel to me to the Roman Empire, of how lineage and power had been passed on in the land of the free of all places now. We’re living that, we’re dealing with that now. It’s very poetic to me how it’s occurring, the parallels." (Pressetext.austria, June 26, 2007)