Song Analysis

Pink and Glitter

Tuesday 16 August 2011, by Cécile Desbrun

Following "Jeanette, Isabella" on Midwinter Graces, "Pink and Glitter" also talks about the birth of a little baby, but a baby girl instead of a baby boy, hence the title. It’s not in any way a religious song but rather a Christmas party song in New York (with a full big band) where everyone gathers, dances and sips champagne. Tori wrote it in honor of her daughter Natashya, 9 years old at the time and it fits with one of the album’s theme which is valuing family and close relatives as one’s true gold instead of the material gifts one receives for Christmas. The line "our joy isn’t about a present or a grown up motor toy" is a clear wink at her husband’s passion for motorbiking.

Tori made the following comment about the song in an interview for “The song is a celebration of the birth of a little girl. As we know, at this time of year, little boys get a lot of press, and that’s lovely, and they do get an honorable mention from me. But the joy in this song is about this couple who have been blessed with a little girl. The joys they’re talking about aren’t about getting a present. It’s about rethinking what our ’gold’ is—what we value. For this song, the birth of their daughter was a great gift and changed their lives for the better. So, I’m thinking, this year let’s shower the world with pink, if you please. [laughs]

The record in general talks about that in a bigger context too. What is it that you really value in life? It should be the relationships you’ve built. It’s not just about success or material possessions. It’s about how you live your life. Having said that, you and I are having a chat. You’re a writer. I’m a writer. I don’t know if anyone wants to know any of the stuff we’re talking about. They just might want to put on the record and have a nice glass of champagne and have a dance with ’Pink and Glitter,’ and that’s just fine. [laughs]”