Song Analysis

A Silent Night With You

Tuesday 16 August 2011, by Cécile Desbrun

"A Silent Night With You" is one of the original songs written by Tori on Midwinter Graces. Even though the title references the famous Christian carol "Silent Night, Holy Night" (available as a bonus track on the limited edition of the record), the song isn’t musically based on it. "I went away thinking, ‘My mother is going to lose her mind if I do anything to Silent Night!’" Tori even jokingly said in an interview for The last words of the lyrics “All is calm/All is bright” are from the carol, though.

“Silent Night” is actually “a love song” according to Tori’s own words and its slow and tender melody conveys a feeling of nostalgia. “Doug really encouraged me to do this,” she revealed in the same interview for MusicRadar. “He talked to me a lot about feelings he had when he would listen to the carols, and he said that sometimes they wouldn’t bring him to a religious place; they’d bring him to a nostalgic place.”

This feeling is also present in the final track of the album“Our New Year”, about estranged or late loved ones whom are painfully missed on the Christmas festivities. But “A Silent Night With You” actually focuses more on the story of a couple who have been living together for long years and feel nostalgic about the early stages of their romance, when their “love was new”. They then have to value what they have now and realize they’re still very much in love and not just an “old couple”. In, Tori commented:

“I went off to Florida in the heat and the 100 degrees, and I started to think, OK, I’m a person who is married and is in a great relationship. But sometimes we don’t appreciate what we have. And at Christmas or ’the season,’ it’s a time when we start looking back. I wanted to write a song where, believe it or not, the two people both value what they have. Also, in this time, people have had to rethink what’s important. Material things aren’t as easily gotten as they might have been five years ago. (…) Times are harder. So you start thinking, Well, where is my gold? And the gold in this song is in each other, in their relationship."

In the last verse, the man tells her wife “Girl take my hand, see nothing has changed/Now or then I just want to spend a silent night with you” so everything goes well in the end. The years don’t mean a love story will fall in the routine trap and that love will wither and die seems to reckon Tori in this track. In an interview for Pepsi Music Blog, Tori joked about the fact the story of “A Silent Night With You” is positive in the end. “ [It] is unusual for me! [laughs] But I thought that it wanted a happy ending.”