Sleeps With Butterflies

Music Videos

Saturday 1 October 2011, by Cécile Desbrun

Directed by Laurent Briet
From the album: The Beekeeper (2005)
Epic Records

Article coming soon. In the meantime, read Tori’s quotes about the video.

I was sent a mock-up of this person’s vision, Laurent Briet, the director. It was detailed, the artwork, because it was based on this artist, Aya Kato. When I was able to really see it, not just read about it, but look at it, mainly because he had sent me his idea in a way that allowed us to watch it, instead of just reading about it, because he is an artist, computer dude, I think. Stepping into that world, for me, is a language I don’t understand, but I really am drawn to it. So, as you can guess, the post production was quite complicated. This was very much about his skill as a special effects guy, working with Aya Kato. So this story had been mapped out for me by her drawings.

It was similar to "Fairytale" in that I had to be exactly in the right place at the right time. The idea of... twins is something that directors always... I don’t know what it is with directors, me and twins. I think maybe they pick up on some other side that I play pretty close to my chest. This song is about two voices, so he felt that it was really important that they were represented. We decided that we wanted to make this a fantasy world with an Asian influence. I’ve always been drawn to that artistic sensibility. The thing about this shoot was that I was really intrigued by post production. Not all videos are bout post, some are very much about the casting and the planning. This was very different. Questions like how do you make butterflies come to life without it looking ridiculous? A lot of the treatments had avoided butterflies. And he and Aya kato said ’Why? They’re beautiful things.’ We’re in a war, we need transmutation, I got that.

So to be able to work with beauty instead of blood and guts and gore, I mean, are you nuts? Let’s do something that lifts people. So, sometimes the videos that look really simple... take a lot of skill in post production. I’d be on blue screen for hours and hours and hours and people would be coming to me with these beautiful drawings, which I had seen, and they would say, ’Okay, you’re surrounded by beautiful butterflies now.’ And so here you are, with your ass aching on this hard blue screen, and they’re yelling, ’You’re on a mushroom now.’ I would say, ’I wish I were on many.’" (Fade to Red, "Sleeps With Butterflies" audio commentary by Tori)