Silent All These Years

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Saturday 1 October 2011, by Cécile Desbrun

Directed by: Cindy Palmano
From the album: Little Earthquakes (1992)
Atlantic Records/East West

Tori finds herself locked up in a wooden box and a little girl follows her everywhere in this first minimalist video.

Full article soon, in the meantime, read Tori’s quotes about the video:

« First of all, that piano was definitely an art piece. It couldn’t play. But I guess if you’re gonna spray paint on a piano, you’ve gotta figure it might just affect the sound of it. I would say that the idea of finding a voice, you have to go back to children because most of us when we were children, you didn’t think about I need to find my voice, because you said what you wanted to say. I will say that rolling around in a box was not the easiest thing I’ve ever done in my life. But I had been photographed in this box by Cindy Palmano. And I think in 1991 when this was shot, the whole saying thinking out of the box was’t really so cliche. And I liked the idea of music box, trying to break out of it as a musician. This is the first video Cindy and I did together. We were quite close at this point. We were forming a bond, and I guess I was able to sing and reveal things because there was a trust level, and a respect level. This was really Cindy’s vision.

All this, you know, the details, every detail came from Cindy’s mind. We would talk for hours and hours and hours, eat dinner together, hang out at her house, so things like the metallic and gold-looking elements meant something to her. But to hear her speak and talk about it, of course, it made sense, and when I saw it, I felt it. The video was very much a collaboration, me as the songwriter and her interpretation of what I was singing about. Um, Cindy has a scientific mind. We think very differently and I think that was part of the marriage we had. She was intellect and I was emotion. Imagine the fellowship of our separate rings, that’s what made our marriage. I didn’t always know what she was doing, but it didn’t matter, because... you make an agreement in a creative marriage. You don’t always know what your lover’s doing and you shouldn’t, or you’re a spy and that doesn’t work, so there needs to be a freedom. And we both needed to hear our own voice. And it wasn’t just about hers, and it wasn’t just about mine. There was room for both. And that’s what really the song was about. » (Fade to Red audio commentary, 2006)

Trivia: This video was voted in the top 100 videos of all time by Rolling Stone Magazine in 1993.