Scarlet’s Web Journal


Thursday 22 September 2011, by Cécile Desbrun

Been Days now. Meeting up with Kurt – to see the Big Sky. From his eyes.

I’m here. Moscow. Don’t really know exactly where anything stands but the coffee’s good. The company has been good. I dropped him at this rectangular shape called Airport. We’ve been shadowing The Nez Perse on their "emancipation to Canada."

Yes. I realize the end is a complete Downer. Final. The End. Not Good. But I’m not there yet. They’re still diving and weaving, out smarting the Calvary. From where I stand I can still feel promise in the air… Big Hole. The land here, an ally.

She was protecting them. And then the miscalculations.

But I’m not there yet.

Over the pass to a warm fire at Kurt’s.

Been hanging out with Kurt’s posse. He’s shooting something but he asked if I’d like to be a part and I said – maybe from a Distance. He seems to know every dirt road every chili stop (never associated Chili with Montana) every cowboy bruised, bow legged or chapped (that would be busting in, buckled up, and taut). Look. He was shooting this guy. It would have been rude not to notice.

He let me view this through his lens. Jeez . The guy can locate an angle.

A message was left for me. I’m not ready to move on to Mind yet. Off on my own to hook up with Kurt in 48.

Outside. Wrapped up. Strange but I’m not cold. Alive, just alive.
Said goodbye to Kurt. Not easy. Montana has been safe. A haven. Not safe in the end for the Nez Perse. Not safe for Custer. Which reminds me of this song – "Buttermilk Mountain." ‘As far as I’m concerned old Custer got what he deserved.’

Hooked up with Manny at Lame Deer Rez. Went for a coffee. ‘Where’s your steel pony takin’ you this time ?’
‘O.K. What’s his name ?’
"I call him strange."
‘hum, and you don’t think that’s sorta weird ?’
"he’s familiar, that’s all."
‘That’s all ? You’re goin’ about a thousand miles for a he’s familiar that’s all ? I’m not buyin it…’

Little Big Horn always chills me out. I don’t know why. Maybe so many Braves having been in one place.
"I could use a Brave, Manny."
‘Well, if you’re lookin’ for beautifully sculpted bodies with eagle feathers flying on wild mustangs, you gotta long wait little sister. Or you need to hijack some government time machine.’
"yeah, well. Been down to Area 51 and didn’t find Richard."
‘Richard ?’
‘Ya know, maybe the Braves these days are chasin’ somethin’ we can’t see on those computers. They gotta do something, right ?’
"We’ll see Manny. We’ll see."
‘Fill up that steel pony. It will stop and it won’t mean any harm. And it’s a long walk to the Badlands.’

(from the Web Journal that was posted by Tori on the Scarlet’s Web in 2002)