Scarlet’s Web Journal


Thursday 22 September 2011, by Cécile Desbrun

Dreams have shaken me awake. First 4:40 am, now 6:30 am. The Magdelene was on trial. Not in the sense that there was a court room, but her essence was being questioned by a woman I know who is a "Student" of the Ancient Mysteries. I can’t get her words out of my head – this horrible tone, saying ‘she was only a seductress like the succubus’ of course that makes no sense. Maybe she’s a Rhyme junkie. An assonance junkie. Yikes.

I bought a Book of Inns today. Taking it at a snall’s pace. I thought about going back to where I was in my world before that call came that morning from Amber – But there’s nothing in that reasoning.
Strange. But I feel more at home out In Her. In this. This – what do I call it – There was an old Medicine Woman in the desert who said "you must get to know your true mother. She is vast and deep and all things and in between. And only then will you see the roots of your own tree. This Body Map of which I speak – You must begin to see your true form. Daughter of Long Walks, your path has crossed with this Man. You have exchanged a gift. But you cannot walk in his world. They will tie your laces together and tell you to run faster. As for him, this one will feel Caged in open spaces. The Quiet will be as Nails to a Black Board. He wants you as a man wants a woman. He wants to Box all of this up and take it to his Lair. He does not see through his lens the consequence of this. For both of you. You are of different Worlds, you will know when another path will pull you, and with heavy heart you will carry this and you will walk. Give your tears to the Great Mother. Lay down on her at night. She has wept for Jupiter. She will show you how to weave this into your map. Daughter of Long Walks there will be others… the serpent has awakened at the base of your spine, it will tell you when to follow the hearts Desire."

With this and the Heady sage, she thanked the 4 directions with Tobacco and took her leave.

It seems like a lifetime since I had that Magdelene dream. The hiking boots are holding up well – mainly because a girl just has to put on a heel – sooner than later I always say.

My skin color is changing – being outside all the time. There is a rythm out on the road that is calming. You hear about things that are happening from word of mouth. I was thinking about the Oregon Trail and how people got their information.

It’s Wednesday. Sometimes I wonder what our life together would have been like… if he could’ve come up North, up here – maybe _ this is Ludicrous. Time for coffee.

Ran into someone who gave me Georgia’s #. She’s up North…
The Baby is beautiful – needy, but beautiful. Georgia’s gorgeous, completely juicy and voluptuous and her husband is all in, as they say. What an idea 2 people compatible having a child. Stumps me. She has this husky low giggle and a southern drawl – so Imagine, "Look Shugg (as in sugar), I couldn’t abide him at first. Northerner – worse yet – a west coast northerner and liberal, my lands, above and below the hair line. But I liked him. And then, well then, it took a while. It had to simma." (it would be to simmer)

A mutual friend popped by, hearing I was visiting Georgia. She’s been a busy Peach – a naughty busy Peach, nevermind.

He does something with music – I don’t mind it really, but I usually stay clear of these ones, having learned they’re all a bit high maintenance. He looks right at me.
"Wow you look great."
"What’s that’s supposed to mean?" (I couldn’t catch those words marching straight out of my mouth)
"I dunno. Liberated. Radiant. Any reason?"
"Smartass, How you been?"
"Well I gotta take the critters up to the folks – got a couple projects in Minni and Madison – it’ll be a couple a months. Hey I could use an extra pair a hands getting the up to Orcas, what do ya say –—"
"Define critters."
"3 Dogs. 2 cats."
"Character references?"
"1 Loner Jack Russell, 2 Black Labs that may iss you to death and a couple of miserable Persians."
"I’ll hold the cats."

Orcas is a blanket of beauty. Saw some whales. Had a laugh. Bonded with the Persians. I’ll call Him strange. He’s a funny one. Now He says he could use a hand in Minni and Madison, am I any good with computers ?
"No. You know that."
"It’s enough. It’ll be fine – just treat it like a book with these silly appendages called keys."
"Maybe I’ll drop in and see you."
"No computer appendages fantasy?"
"I work for no one."
"When, how, are you driving or what?"
"Could you use a hand…"
"Sure. But I take it slow."
"i’ve got 6 ½ days, I’ll just fly out from wherever we are."
"Is that possible ?"
"of course." (from the Web Journal posted by Tori on Scarlet’s Web in 2002)