Pink Earthquakes

By Jemma Wheeler

samedi 27 août 2011, par Cécile Desbrun

UFO Music Ltd
Release Date (UK) : October 1995
ISBN-10 : 1873884338
ISBN-13 : 978-1873884331

Pink Earthquakes is an unofficial Tori picture book. 48 pages, it features colour and black and white photoshoot, live and candid pics of her early career, from Little Earthquakes to Under the Pink. It’s actually an after-market repackage containing the UK CD pressing of Under the Pink, 4 color postcards, the Pink Earthquakes book and a certificate of ’authenticity’ (a bit odd since it’s not an official release, but not unusual either). The certificate states only 2,000 copies were manufactured (something which cannot be completely verified) and gives the number of the box. After-market means a third party purchased officially manufactured CDs and changed their containder to usually sell them as limited editions and special box sets. Something that is not considered illegal.

Availability and market value

The book is out-of-print but you can find it very easily in its regular paperback version. Prices are usually low for a used copy : prices usually begin around 3$ on The limited edition box set constitutes more of a challenge to find and is more expensive. Vinyl Experience Ltd sold it for 65$ in 1995 and I’ve seen a used copy in very good condition sell for the same price on in August 2011. Mint copies fetch at 160$.