Maximum Tori : The Unauthorised Biography of Tori Amos

By Martin Harper and Sarah Philis

samedi 27 août 2011, par Cécile Desbrun

Chrome Dreams
Release Date : March 1, 2000
ISBN-10 : 1842400436
ISBN-13 : 978-1842400432

This is actually a CD-audio biography accompanied by a booklet with Tori pictures and a mini-poster. This item is part of the Maximum Audio Series about great artists. The CD is 58 minutes long and traces back Tori’s career. There are bits of Tori interviews in there, but most of the CD is narrated by co-author Sarah Phillips. A lot of fans were disappointed when they found out that all the parts where you hear Tori speak were actually taken from the 1997 In Conversation interview CD. Plus, many people reported a lot of incorrect facts mentionned in the CD. The interest in the item seems more to reside in its reportedly beautiful booklet and mini-poster.

Availability and market value

This item was out out print for a time, but last time I checked, it was commercially available througb for 14,95$. It’s also available as a mp3 download for 5,99$. If you prefer to search for a used copy, prices begin at 2$.