Friday 9 September 2011, by Cécile Desbrun

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‘The Winged Painter is on uptown’ I said
‘Will you meet me to go?’
Washington Square
I’m racing there
to get you at
oh the Nocturne noon’
Isabella on the way there stops me
(I say) I can’t stay today -
I’m off in flight Towards Another Light.
Washington Square,
I meet you there and we go.

now He’s on the run
He’s on the run
From this walking Greeting Card
and Chloe’s Kiss,
The Wolf Pit,
The Wine Harvest,
and Phileda’s Lesson -
We’re not his possession.
in Winter,
Trampled flowers
in Winter

these Garlands -
The Blue Pirouette,
The Marriage,
The Mimosas,
Black Sun Over Paris’
these Garlands -
The Little Swallow,
St. Paul from the window,
from the 1/2 open window.

Eve incurs God’s displeasure.
Odysseus and Penelope,
Ulysses and Penelope,
The Festival,
In Hell.

in Winter,
The Winged Painter,
The Winged Painter,
Washington Square -
Let’s go see a Day in May
from The Winged Painter