Jamaica Inn

Friday 9 September 2011, by Cécile Desbrun

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Can you patch my jeans Peggy Ann
just a little stitch to mend the hole
he has torn
if you can

maybe I got too set in my ways
he says she reminds him of me
when we first met
in those early days

the sexiest thing is trust
I wake up to find
the pirates have come
tying up along your coast
how was I to know
the pirates have come
between Rebecca’s
beneath your firmaments
I have worshipped
in the Jamaica Inn
in the Jamaica Inn

with the gales
my little boat was tossed
how was I to know
that you’d sent her
with a lantern
to bring me in

‘Are you positive this is a friend?’
the captain grimaced,
‘Those are cliffs of rock ahead
if I’m not mistaken.’