Little Earthquakes video

Saturday 27 August 2011, by Cécile Desbrun

US Release Date: October 1992
Catalog n°: 50335-3 (Atlantic Records)


Silent All These Years (video)
Leather (live)
Precious Things (live)
Crucify (video)
Me and A Gun (Live TV appearance)
Little Earthquakes (live)
China (video)
Happy Phantom (live)
Here. In My Head (live)
Winter (video)
Song For Eric (live)

The Little Earthquakes VHS is Tori’s first video commercial release. It includes live footage of the Bottom Line show in New York City and of a concert in Rotterdam as well as a performance of "Me and a Gun" for MTV Asia. The four music videos by Cindy Palmano are included and little bits of interviews where Tori comments on her career and philosophy are inserted between the tracks.