liner notes

Wednesday 28 September 2011, by Cécile Desbrun

Dispatches and Polaroids 1963-1998
all songs written by Tori Amos
Published by Sword and Stone
Recorded and Mixed by Mark Hawley and Marcel Van Limbeek
Assisted by Rob van Tuin at Martian Engineering Cornwall, England
Project Director John Witherspoon
Produced by Tori Amos
Mastered by Jon Astley
Management Arthur Spivak Spivak Entertainment
Doctor of Pianos Trevor Lowe
Chef’s, landscape Gardening, Yoga Sweetie
Brain Care Specialists Tamsin Manvell and Darren Staats
Most Things Illegal Faerie
Top Geezer Ian Stanley
Playmates From The Colonies Ron Shapiro and Craig Kallman

Artwork Michael Nash Associates
Cover Image Katerina Jebb Inner Photos Katerina Jebb and Martina Hoogland - Ivanov Team . Karen Binns - Lesley Chilkes - Jimo Saleko - Kevyn Aucoin
Agents Carole Kinzel for CAA Mike Dewdney for ITB
Fan Club Take to the Sky Steve Jenkins PO Box 632 Bexleyheath Kent DA7 5TE
Fanzine Really Deep Thoughts PO Box 328606 Columbus Ohio 43232

Thank yous - The Musicians, Arthur, Phil Holthouse, Cindy Cooper, Pat Savage, Siobáin Waters, The Dutch, Mom, Dad and all the Family, Karen, Beenie, LL, Wendy, Rita, Val and all at Atlantic, all at East West, Max, Neil and the Velvets, Pearl and Mick, Helen, John Gardner and all the lads at Vanstone, Alf Trewin, Alton & Co., AMSNeve, Dave Brock at Rima Travel, Maria Ferguson at Linden Travel, Mike Weaver, Jaime Feldman, Bennie, Albertus, Theun, The Falcon Bude, Mary Koetting, Simon Griffitt at Sony Engineering, Lesley and Ronnie at Berryhurst, Martin Core at Sound Moves, Nigel at SM, Rob Piddington at Sennhieser, John and Heather Penn at SSE, Dave Bowden, Jamie Young, Alison Smith, Philly, for additional Kurzweil sounds for Tori To the Road Crew PACK