Kellogg’s Just Right commercial (1985)

Wednesday 28 September 2011, by Cécile Desbrun

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When she was still trying to make it in the music industry after moving to L.A. in the 80s, Tori had a brief experience in commercials and TV shows to pay the rent of her tiny studio in Hollywood. The most infamous of these works is a commercial for Kellogg’s Just Right cereals where she acts as a piano player with a short haircut. She was asked to cut her long curly hair in order to have the role and beat out a then-unknown Sarah Jessica Parker. “They almost gave it to[her],” she told Kalen Rogers in the All These Years authorized biography. “She was down for it and I was down for it, and the director chose me because I could really play the piano. She looked like she was faking it — well, she was faking it. But she’s a good actress, so you know, she almost faked it better than I did it for real.”

Though the commercial is painful (but quite funny) to watch, Tori didn’t have any regret about it, because she really needed some money and was paid $12,000 when she only made $150 to record some demos at the time. “I flattered myself with the thought I was the Trojan Horse there: a raisin girl amid cornflake girls,” she told Nieuwe Revu in February 1994, referring to her famous song “Cornflake Girl”. According to the fanzine Take to the Sky, the commercial was screened over 12 weeks.

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