Tuesday 14 June 2011, by Cécile Desbrun

There are a few ways to develop your vision of life. I document. I could be documenting you. Do I document truth? I document what I see. How others view the world. This is how I have come to know the world. The place I hold in a group of women is that of a Lens. A lens that records an actual happening. Objectivity can only be attained if you are open to another perception, even one that is contrary to your own. I will endeavor to present perceptions that I feel are worth your time. (CD booklet)

The Detention:

A bored teenager rests her head on her history book. A young teacher looks on. Staring would be morz accurate. Staring but currently past fuming now. That had been several days ago, the fuming phase. The teacher contemplates noiselessly, ‘So students complain about their teachers. But do they ever for once consider that if they didn’t make the whole exercice close to torture then failing them would not be such delectable sport?’

The bored teenager’s mouth opens. The teacher resumes her thought, ‘Such a pretty teenager and surprisingly smart. Uh oh, here it comes. Any second. Yep. That would be drool on the history book... As a member of the teaching profession there are protocols to uphold, therefore drugging the students is usually not on the top of my list but...’ Hand in pencil-skirt pocket the teacher feels a reminder from the last time she was in this skirt. That evening her ballet bun was not in residence at the back of her neck, nor were her glasses. These she has in three colors. Red. A cobalt pair. And naturally, one in emerald, all by Ted Baker London. The sweat, a result of endless dancing, was encouraged by a friend (who used to be more than a friend but who was closer to a best friend now) who that night was surrounded by his turn tables with his head in a pair of very expensive audio cans. It was a private party on the beach. The music and a small little helper in her pocket combined (given to her by this friend who had been more than a friend at one time) was to take her on an adventure. We now pull back our lens as the young teacher contemplates a certain something in her pocket.

Neutrality firmly resists us in our judgement. ‘Osmosis,’ is what the young teacher voices aloud. ‘A subtle or gradual absorption of civilisation in all its wonderment.’ She studies the bored student well on the road to a collision course with an uncompromising reality. ‘If this student could begin to feel... feel in her bones, her body, that she is not just a pretty face but a player in what future generations in a hundred years from now will call history...’ If only, then maybe she won’t be dependent on a sugar-daddy or a sugar-free momma to pay her bills, at this, there is resolve from the teacher.

She halves the little something in her pocket with the precision of a pharmacist, placing it in the open drooling mouth of the student. Standing guard the teacher keeps watch as the contents of a history book start to come alive. (American Doll Posse tourbook)


Mar 15, 2007
Two women in the same city.

Two women in the same city. These two women you might think share similarities.
Both have been educated to a point. Both are attractive. Both can earn cash and neither depends on a man for that. They both do, however, depend on men for other duties. The likeness ends there. Let’s begin with The East Side Woman.

She hired a private detective to follow her around. He was unaware of who had hired him. He was told that he was employed by a Mr. So-an-So who would be out of town on a business trip and the woman’s voice on the phone was Mr. So-and-So’s personal assistant. Her contact e-mail was such-and-such. He, the private detective, would be on the job for a week and then report what he had seen to Mr. So-and-So. Half the money had already been moved into his account and it was better than his standard rate. But the client wanted this woman watched for long hours at a time, going into the early hours of morning.

The woman in question had a busy social life so there was always some place for her to go. And yes, her partner had gone out of town for a little more then a week. She was fully aware of when and where the private detective was watching her. Stopping by a flower stall to smell beauty, gliding into a smart but intimate apparel boutique.... All of this was her way of getting to know him as she let him study her.

This made her feel more like a woman than anything else. Knowing that every sway of her hips was being talked about into a recording device that he carried on his body at all times. She would maneuver her figure into the window frame, her back to the glass with cashmere off from the afternoon and a delicate black number that could have used a pair of hands to hook the bra in place. But are those her thoughts now or his? Consider the days and nights left in this "voyeur as pleasure" seduction. He follows her into museums or a stylish bar, she takes in a Cabaret and sometimes there is a woman that she has come to meet and sometimes it is a man. Sometimes there is no one but she, but this he does not discount as unimportant. She is elusive but sexually alluring and the private detective rubs his chin and concurs that Mr. So-and-So should have this woman, his lover, followed, although he has no evidence that she is sexually involved with another man or even another woman but. And this he is convinced of. She is involved with someone or something or everyone. And if he could get close enough to her he knows he could solve this for Mr. So-and-So.

My lens now puts its focus on The West Side Woman.

To all that know her she is referred to as strong but kind. Two qualities that are not always mentioned in the same breath. At work she carries respect everywhere as a celeb carries an "it" bag. If there is an atmosphere for whatever reason she will address this state of affairs. It is not just that she can confront break-downs in communication but that her co-workers will listen to what she has to say. In any circle this young woman would be admired and thought of as a b-o-r-n leader, a someone to watch, a girl that will go places. Where does she go then? After work she makes her way to a restaurant. Because she has changed from the admittedly stylish but still considered clothes for work, the viewer would be persuaded to believe that this date is important considering the effort she has made. He is waiting. He would be considered attractive also. This all makes a balanced story. She gets up from the table smiling, brushing her hand on his shoulder as if to begin making promises of the night to come. While waiting for his date to comeback, in passing, a new feline bends down and whispers something to him on her way to the Bar. He looks up and gives her a devastating grin.

His date stands perched on the balls of her feet frozen to the floor. This is an atmosphere that not even she can smooth over. For all of her training in these situations you would think that she is a novice. Somewhere deep inside of her she is desperately searching for that endless supply of respect that gets dropped in her lap 20 times a day. But in this moment she is not strong. She wrestles a glittering ring off her finger and clinches it in a fist leading us to think that throwing it in his face will be imminent. Those watching this scene all know that this needs to happen, nay, must happen. The penny has dropped for us the onlooker and she is no piece of ass or a first date. Slowly her heels now tap against the wood of the floor. Suddenly she pulls herself up, shoulders back, and glides back to her chair while brushing her hand against his shoulder in the promise of what she will give him yet again.

Two Bats.

One in Europe. One in Asia.

There are protection laws for the bat in particular parts of Europe. If the bat is reported to be inhabiting a home or a building, unless procedure is followed, the homeowner could be looking at a hefty fine and jail time. This bat is more protected than some women in many parts of the world. The bat is rescued and appears to not want to leave either the land or the homeowning family or both.

There are no protection laws for bats in other parts of the world. Take for instance the Northern Territories of Australia or Vietnam to name but a few. While they are viewed as a nuisance in this part of Oz, they are central to the diet for many in Vietnam. Grilling or stir-frying your bat was how you might have survived the Vietnam war of 1959 -1975.
So perhaps there are similarities even down to the species of bat, but the outcome if you are a bat in Europe or if you are a bat in south Asia ranges from brutal to living the life.

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