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dimanche 25 septembre 2011, par Cécile Desbrun

European and Australian Releases : September 17, 2001
US Release : September 18, 2001
Japanese Release : October 11, 2001

Catalog n°EU : 83486-2 (Atlantic Records)
Catalog n° US : 83486-2 (Atlantic Records)
Catalog n° Canada : CD83486 (Atlantic Records)
Catalog n° Australia : 7567834862 (Atlantic Records)
Catalog n° Japan : AMCY-7283 (Atlantic Records)
Catalog n° South Africa : ATCD 10124 (Gallo)
Catalog n° Argentina : 83486-4 (Atlantic Records)

1. New Age 4:36
2. ’97 Bonnie & Clyde 5:46
3. Strange Little Girl 3:50
4. Enjoy the Silence 4:09
5. I’m Not In Love 5:39
6. Rattlesnakes 3:59
7. Time 5:22
8. Heart of Gold 3:59
9. I Don’t Like Mondays 4:20
10. Happiness Is A Warm Gun 9:55
11. Raining Blood 6:22
12. Real Men 4:06

Total Running Time : 62 minutes and 11 seconds

Strange Little Girls was the first of Tori’s studio albums to be released with different covers, picturing one of her ’girls.’ Four different covers were released in Europe, the US, Australia and Argentina.

In the US, the covers available were the ones representing the songs "Time," "Strange Little Girl," "Happiness is a Warm Gun" and "Raining Blood." The individual booklets have a letter (from A to D) added to the catalog number on the reverse side.

In the UK and in Australia, you had a choice between the covers of the songs "Strange Little Girl," "Happiness is a Warm Gun," "Raining Blood " and "I Don’t Like Mondays." The Australian releases have a letter (from B to E) added to the catalog number at the back of the booklet. UK releases are not indentified by letters at all.

The Japanese release features the "Happiness is a Warm Gun" cover and a white obi-strap.

The South African release only came out with the "I Don’t Like Mondays " cover.

In all countries except Japan and South Africa, the regular cover was the "Strange Little Girl" one, the others being considered alternate collectible ones. Later, the CD was released featuring the four different American covers.