Hey Jupiter

Music Videos

Saturday 1 October 2011, by Cécile Desbrun

Directed by: Earle Sebastian
From the album: Boys for Pele (1996)
Atlantic Records/East West

Article coming soon. In the meantime, read Tori’s quotes about the video.

"’Jupiter’ is this story that I thought had this tragic beauty element. Kevyn Aucoin was on makeup, and we talked about the fact that this is a story that needed to express where this woman was and her understanding of a relationship. So now it’s getting played out in this allegory. The little girl means different things to different people. To me, I always saw her as an angel. Tori has made a choice here. And, well, the angel is taking her to her next place. Now there are people that would argue with me and say that this little girl is saving Tori and getting her out of there, which I think is the same thing as what I’m saying, but instead, the angel is taking her to a different dimension, another reality. And that’s why there was an understanding on the set with the cast that this woman that they knew, some knew better than others, is in a fire. If you see it as an emotional fire, well, maybe it’s someone who can’t get out of a relationship or an addiction or another type of a situation. But you know that there’s nothing you can do but watch them burn, and that’s really how I saw it poetically.

The pyro guys, they made me laugh. I’ve always had a special place in my heart for pyro guys. They get paid really... they’re arsonists and they’re allowed to do this, and, um, they’re all out of their minds. But you know the thing,... it has been suggested to me that you don’t want them lighting the candles on your birthday cake. I happen to be cold in L.A. and so, I was warmed by the fire. There were real firemen, naturally, on set. And I was really fascinated by the dynamic between the arsonists and the firemen. So I was living two stories, which is, um... but both of them were around fire. I kept hearing music in my head, a cacophony of great Russian composers, the tragic beauty that they could write and create. What I found was essential to this is while friends of Tori are coming to an understanding or a realization that their friend is maybe becoming a butterfly, transformation. It’s not always how we want our friends to transform, but I don’t see this as Tori choosing to die or to commit suicide. I see this as an angel that’s happy, and an angel that... that really believes that they’re going to a good place." (Fade to Red, "Hey Jupiter" audio commentary by Tori)

"I guess it’s quite telling when people, especially people you know very well, people who know you’d gobble up Royal Jelly - the most foul of foul - before you’d put a flesh and blood cigarette in your mouth (I’m a BLOW-BACK girl myself). Anyway, when they never fail to ask you for a light...MTV had a problem with all the pyrotechnics so we had to cut some of the fire sequences down, particularly the ending. However, since this is not their’s or anyone else’s release, I’ve chosen to stand by the ending that Earl (Sebastian) and I really felt was the truth of the woman in Jupiter. A craving of hunger or burning for someone is seduction when she’s kind. When she turns, you are truly in hell and the humiliation of your need is the cherry on top for her." (Tori Stories promo booklet, 1998)