Tuesday 30 August 2011, by Cécile Desbrun

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Who created and who’s maintaining this website ?

The site was created and is maintained by Cécile Desbrun. The graphic design was made by Jérémy Zucchi. For more informations, check the About page.

Is this an official website? Can I contact Tori Amos through this website?

No. Tori’s Maze is an unofficial site on Tori Amos. A fansite in other words. We’re not affiliated by any way to Tori Amos or her management, so please don’t send us e-mails for her. If you want to contact her or tell her something, if you attend to some of the concerts during her tours, the simplest way is to go to the pre-shows meet & greets. Meet & Greets are meetings that spontaneously take place a few hours before a show: fans gather, usually at the back of the venue, and wait for Tori. She comes most of the time and, depending on her schedule, if she’s late for her soundcheck, rehearsals and such or not, she stays from 10 minutes to 1 hour and a half. If time allows her to do so, she’ll meet every fan, take song requests, collect letters, sign autographs, take a photo or exchange a few words with them. So if you want to see her in person or give her a letter or something, you may want to try to attend meet & greets. Plus, it’s a great way to meet fans and discuss for hours. Keep in mind, however, that meet & greets don’t happen every time: Tori might be too late on her schedule and sometimes, you can wait for hours before her bodyguard announces that it won’t be possible. Be respectful!

If you want to directly write her a letter, I think the following address is still valid:

Tori Amos
c/o Edison Amos
P.O. Box 880005
Port Saint Lucie, FL 34988-0005

This is a post office box that Tori’s family has set up for receiving fan mail. Her parents sort through the letters and hand her over a few ones. She may or may not reply to them.

What does it cost you to maintain this website?

Around 70 euros for one year.

Do you earn money from this website?

No. I pay for the domain and the whole site’s maintenance on my own. And this is not a job: this is a personal project and I take care of the site on my free time. There is no add on the site so I don’t make any money out of it. This is a strictly non-profit fansite.

Why does the bottom of the page says it’s a beta version?

Because the site is not complete. We had to put it online on October 1st because of professional obligations and because we didn’t want to delay it for months, but it still has some elements missing. Aside some little sections that are not online yet or missing articles, the most important thing is that the three entrances to the Maze (the EWF camp, the Library and the Toriland) are not complete. It should take us a few months to complete those because it includes a lot of different layouts that are very difficult to make (the Toriland in particular) with Flash elements, clickable elements... Once they’re all ready and the labyrinthic navigation system is finely tuned, we’ll be able to say it’s the complete version of the site. There’ll always be new contents anyway.

How can I contribute to the site?

There are a few things you can do:

- if you have gorgeous Tori photographs that we don’t have in our gallery, you can contact us. However, we don’t upload every single Tori pic that we have or that we can find on the web, so we make a selection. If we feel that some pics are not representative of Tori’s work or not that good, we don’t add them. Also, I didn’t add some pics because they were available on a lot of other websites and, as I couldn’t provide my own scans, I didn’t want to steal too much of other fansites galleries. I’m currently thinking about a more practical way for fans to share pics and suggest to add them to the gallery. I might create a Flickr group or something like that.

- if you have a bootleg recording (unofficial, audience recording) that we don’t have in our Sights & Sounds section [not up yet but very soon] and that you think would be a worthy addition, contact us. We don’t usually upload whole bootlegs because most of them are easy to find on some sites and forums (such as Yessaid and The Afterglow), we only take a few highlights for each Tori song or cover. The goal is not to have 20 versions of “Precious Things” or “China”: we try to have the different versions Tori made of a song over the years in good sound quality (when possible). Which means that the different versions really have to be different. If you think you have a better version than our own for a song, contact us. Please, note that we only accept unofficial and non commercially-released material. For instance, The Original Bootlegs and Legs & Boots are not accepted because they’re official recordings that are still commercially available. We do not want to take away any sales or profit from Tori Amos, so we won’t upload such contents.

- if you have a video that we don’t have, same thing than above: contact us. We’re interested by any TV show, webcast interview or performance, etc. as well as good-quality audience recordings. We didn’t have time to upload a lot of videos as of October 2011, but we will soon publish a list with everything that we have as well as a wishlist of shows that we were unable to find. Only non-official, non-commercially available videos will be accepted.

- If you have some exclusive Tori news, you can contact us. We’re not a news site (Undented is a news site, though and a real reference in this domain) but we are interested by press interviews, or any event that might not have been reported elsewhere. If this a a French or European news, it can be very interesting to notify us about it because non-English speaking people might not have sent a message to Undented or posted it on the forums.

The layout doesn’t appear in full on my screen and I can’t see the edges. Why?

This site was conceived for a screen resolution of at least 1000px of width. If you have a lower resolution, you won’t be able to see the full layouts. We’re very sorry about that, but in order not to distort the layouts, the only way was not to allow visitors to modify the dimensions of the window.

Special sections questions


This area of the Maze is all in Flash and when you click on "Start the Journey," you can browse through it and choose a location to visit. We have 4 out of 30 sceneries so far and we’ll add new ones each month until it’s complete, which should take a few months. Anyway, when you rollover the cursor on an available location, a little text appears so you can click on it to access to the scenery. Since there are only so few locations available for exploration at the time being (and the 4 of them are at different places of the map), I suggest you browse through the map carefully in order not to miss them. It has to be noted some clickable elements and/or articles might be added to each scenery later.As long as the site’s in its beta version, the navigation system is likely to evolve. Thanks for your patience.

Who created this part of the site? Isn’t the map the drawn map featured in From the Choirgirl Hotel’s CD booklet?

Yes, it is the Choirgirl map. Jérémy, the graphic designer, added a bunch of elements in the style of the map at the beginning (before you click to begin the journey) and at the far end, when it says, “Terra Incognita”. The rest is a scan of the map retouched with Photoshop and enhanced with Flash technology. We wanted to do a tribute to the album’s artwork.

However, the sceneries associated to each location were conceived by both of us and designed by Jérémy. We’ve imagined them freely from the very otherwordly and referential names of each location and decided what were the themes they evoked in Tori’s work. They’re all photomontages using a few photographs or screencaps of Tori (some from the albums’ artwork) and various pictural elements. Jérémy worked on Photoshop to make these and used a tablet to draw and paint on some of the areas of each picture. You can have more informations on the conceptions of these sceneries here.

A problem with Toriland?

1/ Check that you have the latest version of Flash on your computer. If you’re using an iPhone or an iPad, unfortunately, your device is not compatible with the Toriland as well as some other parts of Tori’s Maze. Why? Because, as you probably know, Apple decided that Flash won’t be compatible with the iPad and the latest version of the iPhone. Instead, they’re using HTML5 technology. This technology is quite recent and unfortunately Jérémy hasn’t learned to use it yet. For the time being, we do not plan to change the Flash elements by HTML5. If in a few years Flash begins obsolete, then we’ll probably change it. But not now, sorry!

2/ If you want to access to another section of the site, check the icons in the banner: you’ll find these on every page of the site (but in the other sections, they’ll often appear on the side rather than in the banner). The compass will allow you to access to the different main sections. The magnifying glass will orient you toward the search engine while the interrogation mark will of course take you to the help section—where you are right now— if you have any problem while navigating through the site.

I see no other possible issues for the Toriland, but if you notice any bug or meet any other problem, please let us know.


The Library of the Maze is not accessible at the moment, sorry. It should open in November, if we can pull this off.

But what is the Library, anyway?

In the Library, contents will be listed under very classified themes. Choose the right book to find the right content. It’s the anglo-saxon and more Christian rational side of the maze.