Glory of the 80s

Sunday 25 September 2011, by Cécile Desbrun

Directed by Erick Ifergan
From the album: To Venus and Back (1999)
Atlantic Records

"Glory of the 80s" was the only video, with "Strange Little Girl", not to be included on the Fade to Red DVD compilation. It’s weird and futuristic and Tori’s make-up clearly references the 80s. The kind of ’racoon’ make-up around her eyes is very reminiscent of Darryl Hannah’s in Blade Runner by Ridley Scott (1982) while her hairdo and black lips recalls a bit The Cure. As for the shape-shifting element of the video (Tori turns into a doll, a fox, a crow), as odd as it can seem in the first place, it echoes the singer Native American heritage — and she often talks about shape shifting — and reminds us she had to be a cameleon to survive during her Los Angeles days where she tried to make it in the music industry.

According to Tori in the Canadian TV show Musique Plus, the director, Erick Ifergan, wanted her to be a modern and kinda strange Joan of Arcs traped in a "chamber of torture". Floating amid the air, Tori is once again trapped in a big box, her wrists tied to the metallic structure by wires. Finally, a ninja throw-star cuts the wires and set her free.