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Sunday 14 August 2011, by Cécile Desbrun

written by Tori Amos

Bösendorfer Piano, Rhodes, Synths & Vocals - Tori Amos
Drum Loop & Percussion - Matt Chamberlain
Bass - Jon Evans
Electric Guitars - Mac Aladdin

Tori mentionned in an interview for Gay & the Night in June 2009 that "Flavor" was one of the last songs she wrote for the album. "’Give’ [the album’s opening track] and ’Flavor’ were written almost a year apart, at least, and yet they were book ends for each other."

The sound, textures and atmosphere of this song are a bit reminiscent of TVAB’s track "Lust."

At one point, DJ Tara Busch was working on a remix of the song and even posted two videos explaining her work on You Tube, but it was never released and no further information was given about it.