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Sunday 14 August 2011, by Cécile Desbrun

written by Tori Amos

Bösendorfer Piano, Synths & Vocals - Tori Amos
Loops & Drums - Matt Chamberlain
Bass - Jon Evans
Guitar - Mac Aladdin

“Give” is the opening track of Tori’s 10th studio album, Abnormally Attracted to Sin. Its very trip-hop vibe and haunting piano, which is a bit reminiscent of Tori keyboards and sounds experimentations on From the Choirgirl Hotel, greatly defined the sound of the whole record since it was one of the first songs Tori wrote during the American Doll Posse World Tour.

“Yes, I’d say ’Give’ was a launching point,” she said to the News Tribune in July 2009. “That’s why I made it first. ‘Give’ has an electronic element, and in (writing it) I recognized that all the keyboard work I’d been doing out on the road and developing was going to be a big part of the sound of the record. I’d been building sounds with Muse keyboards where if you mix a few sounds together you create your own original sound. There are a lot of synthesizers on this record working alongside of the piano. I did that on From the Choirgirl Hotel ... But not since that record have there been so many different kinds of keyboards mixed together.”

“Give”’s influence on the record was so strong she even told Arizona Republic in July 2009 that she used it as a “kind of skeletal and so things had to work around it in order to make the complete picture.”

Tori had hired director Christian Lamb to shoot some live and behind-the-scenes footage for the live DVD of the tour; and when he showed her the images edited to live music they recorded on tour, she shut the sound down then began to replace it by the new tracks she’d been composing, some of them were directly inspired by Lamb’s visual work (something that will find its way in the visualettes concept). “Give” was one of the first tracks she started to edit to the filmmaker’s footage.

The visualette for the song is featured on the bonus DVD of the album’s limited edition and stars the sensual posse member Santa.

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