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If 6 Was 9

Monday 8 August 2011, by Cécile Desbrun

written by Jimi Hendrix

Tori covered this song on the Cornflake Girl special edition single released in the UK because she idolized him as a little girl and always had the deepest admiration for his music and what he represented.

“Well, the thing about Jimi is that, aside from the music, it’s his spirit. That’s the same with John Lennon, it’s the spirit. It’s, you know, they were the pied pipers, we’d follow them anywhere. You know, if Jimi would have like, you know how they said ’never take a ride with strangers?’ Well, if Jimi would have pulled up in 1968 when I was 5 years old and said, ’Hey, little girl, let’s go for a ride.’ I’d be like, ’No problem. No problem.’ More than anything, I did it, a thing to Jimi, just out of such respect for him. Not that I thought that I could do particularly a good job with it. It’s an okay job, it’s not one of the best things I’ve ever done.” (Virgin Radio, February 5, 1994)