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Sunday 7 August 2011, by Cécile Desbrun

written by Tori Amos

Tori often explained that she had less than 12 hours to write a B-Side for a single and couldn’t find inspiration ’til Freddie Mercury, who had just died, came to her mind. Here is her cute and funny story:

“I was riding on this train to the west country in England, cuz I had to make a b-side in about 12 hours. And um…usually I cheat, right, I have something already written when I’m eating like egg salad or something and I scratch things down on my lite bill that I never pay. and it’s always hanging around and i always have some–ya know, a cheat. i didn’t have a cheat this time. So I was like going down to the west country. and uh…you know you try to sit on the train and write about stuff. i’d like little trolls with me and i’d be like writing songs about my little trolls – that ain’t gonna cut it! ya know! and um, that’s when you get like delusions of serious grandeur. nobody wants to hear about my fucking trolls! (laughter) So, anyway i’m sitting there going ok that didn’t work.

And there was like nobody cute on the train, so i couldn’t like get off! but what’s cute to me is like sick to most people, you know. we won’t touch that one. anyway, i end up at this place, right this house where we’re recording. and nothing’s coming and all of a sudden this little voice pops in my head, right here on my shoulder and freddie mercury had just passed the week before. and in his voice he sang this to me. i guess i really should have given him publishing, but it didn’t work.” (Tori introduces the song in Tampan Florida in 1994 — Anything but Honey bootleg)

When Tori started touring with a band, the song was fully re-arranged to become one of her most effective and loved rock tracks. She only sings this version live now.