General Info

Zero Point

Wednesday 28 September 2011, by Cécile Desbrun

written by Tori Amos

Bösendorfer, Synth & Vocals: Tori Amos
Guitars: Steve Caton
Drums: Matt Chamberlain
Bass: Jon Evans
Programming: Andy Gray

Recorded in 1999 and mixed in 2006 by Mark Hawley & Marcel van Limbeek

"Zero Point" was supposed to be on To Venus and Back, but as Tori had already decided to put the nearly 9 minute-long "Datura" on it, it didn’t make the record. In the credits of the album, Tori has written: "’Zero Point’, your time is coming." The track was finally released in 2006 on the A Piano boxset compilation.

In the booklet of the compilation, Tori commented: "There was no real reason why ’Zero Point’ didn’t end up on Venus except that I was over-sensitive about a certain gardening issue, so ’Datura’ made the final cut instead. Maybe waiting to mix this has enhanced it somewhat because you do bring a certain perspective when you can step away from a song for a while. It’s not always a better one, but I do think in ’Zero Point’’s case it was her benefit that I was garden-obsessed in 1999."