Legs & Boots

Monday 3 October 2011, by Cécile Desbrun

Legs & Boots is a series of official live recordings from the North American leg of the American Doll Posse Tour. 28 shows were recorded by Tori’s crew and made digitally available a few hours after the end of the show through the special website that was already used to sell the Original Bootlegs, In a first time, for legal reasons, only North Americans could access the site and buy the live albums. After a large outcry of fans worldwide, a solution was finally found and the whole Legs & Boots series is available through iTunes and Amazon in most of the countries since 2008. You can either buy whole albums or individual tracks, which is pretty handy.

Since Tori’s team only had a few hours to work on the recordings, the sound quality is not always as good as on the To Venus and Back live disc or the Original Bootlegs. Differences in sound quality and level can be noticed on different albums but overall, the Legs & Boots are very good and a lot of the shows released have an excellent sound. Plus, Amazon released them in lossless remastered format, so you can have the best quality possible.

The shows in themselves are very good and there are many highlights. The difficulty, as a fan, is to choose between so many recordings. Some songs have been performed several times and making up your mind about buying a show rather than another is not that easy. Listening to all 28 is not a simple task either, but Tori gave us a lot of choice here and some of her performances are just stunning. It’s also useful to know that sites such as Deezer allow to legally listen to all of them in streaming. I first listened to the shows, made a playlist with my favorites then, once I had made my selection and compared the performances of certain songs, I went on iTunes to buy individual tracks. In a few weeks, I’ll add a guide to the Legs & Boots to this section with comments on some of the shows and my personal recommandations if you’re not sure where to begin or what to choose.

Before the Sinful Attraction Tour debuted in May 2009, Tori said several times she was possibly thinking about doing something similar on some of the European dates, but that didn’t happen. As she explained, planning something like this is pretty difficult as you have to deal with venues and promoters. Time will tell if similar live recordings will be released for the following tours.