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Saturday 1 October 2011, by Cécile Desbrun

Directed by: Cindy Palmano
From the album: Little Earthquakes (1992)
Atlantic Records/East West

Article coming soon. In the meantime, read Tori’s and Cindy Palmano’s quotes about the video:

"I’ve always had a fascination with the beheading of Ann Boleyn. It’s haunted me. I’ve always had a fascination with baptism, water and Christianity. That’s haunted me too. Of course because the Protestant Reformation is entwined with Queen Elizabeth’s mother, I guess I’va always seen Ann Boleyn as the illicit mistress of the Protestant Reformation. I’ve also... really been able to see what a powerful force that she was...and to be able to be part of a group that broke away from the Catholic Church. Politics and Christianity, what a marriage. Within Christianity, of course, baptism is very important. As a minister’s daughter, I feel like I’ve been baptized in the Christian doctrine. So to be able to dive into it, and to come out of the other side, maybe even with fins on, has been sort of my life’s mission.

Cindy Palmano, the director, spent a long time talking with me about the song. And when she came up with this idea of a bathtub, and going into the bath, dressed as an Elizabethan woman I... at first, I realized that I needed to rebaptize myself as a woman that is independent of the doctrine that I had been... let’s say, immersed in as a young girl growing up. Now the thing about this shot is that once you get in this bath, you can’t go back to being this Elizabethan woman. So it was really a liberation. And I felt I was being emancipated from the patriarchy. That’s what this is all bout, really. The girls, the twins that you see, these were my cheerleaders and waitresses.

I’ve always had a thing for waitresses. And I thought that we needed some cheerleaders. So we decided to put them in the video a little bit more. But it balanced out, I think, you know, the historical... tone. And i liked the idea that Anne Boleyn had these cheerleaders. I think she deserved some cheerleaders. So in a weird way... I guess... religion and politics became an investigation with this video. And I wanted to... maybe have a giggle in the end because I think you really need to cheer your team on. And I’ve always been a real fan of Anne Boleyn, so this was sort of my... I don’t know, my Super Bowl Sunday for the girls. » (Fade to Red, "Crucify" audio commentary by Tori)

"Queen Elizabeth I and peeping Tom were the buzz words I was hearing from Cin when we were chatting about ’Crucify’. Cindy’s visual sense never ceased to suprise and generally make me belly laugh. She’s a bit of a devil. Cindy was always weaving in a sub text — Elizabeth the first getting Baptized and then doing her saucy strumpet shimmy after being blessed of course." (Tori Stories promo booklet 1998)

Really Deep Thoughts: "Crucify" has a different feel from the rest of the videos.

Cindy Palmano: I took it to a certain stage and then the record company wanted to edit it in a different way. It got a bit uncomfortable so they finished it off and I didn’t.

RDT: "Crucify" has the definite MTV "short attention span" feel. It’s a shame, really.

CP: "Crucify" could have been good but it was cut with some mad stuff that they shot later. I didn’t shoot any of the performance clips. I think it looks dreadful, that stuff. It’s such an obvious approach to femininity, that, and it’s one that I’m not at all interested in.

The filling of the bath was good, wasn’t it? That was a good shot. I really liked that one. I like when she steps into the bath and comes out of the bath. It all looks really Hitchcock, I love it.

RDT: The clothing in "Crucify" is reminiscent of Anne Boleyn.

CP: Yes, exactly.

RDT: Was that the thought?

CP: Well, one of the queens, I don’t mind which. (laughs)
(Really Deep Thoughts fanzine #4)