Big Wheel

Monday 6 June 2011, by Cécile Desbrun

From the album : American Doll Posse (2007)
Epic Records

"Big Wheel" was the first and main video released to promote American Doll Posse. It is actually the first of Tori’s video to include only still photographs instead of live footage. The video was edited by Tori’s husband and sound engineer Mark Hawley and is composed of photographs taken by Blaise Reutersward in Cornwall during the main photoshoot for the artwork of the album. The rythm to which the images are linked to each other gives the impression to the viewer Tori’s posse is in motion. Each of the singer five personas on the album is portrayed and most of the pictures were not featured in the liner notes of the CD, which makes the video worthwile for the fans.

Tori explained her choice not to give "Big Wheel" a "real" video in motion by saying it would have been difficult for her to act as the different girls in a same video without stepping into parody. On Mania TV’s The Daily Indie on December 11, 2007 she commented :

"We photographed these women extensively and I really felt that you could get to know them through the music, on stage live, through their photographs and through their writings. But I was not going to have them talk because I thought then it would get into parody. It seems different because music can help you set a tone when you change character. So I decided to have the stills come to life. I like the idea of portraiture, almost one second you think that the frame is frozen but in another second it begins to move. And I’ve always loved still photographs. So much so that sometimes I wanted just to step into one that I love so much. So that was the idea behind that."

Alternatively, Epic launched a fan contest to create a video for "Big Wheel" and provided stock performance footage of Tori at the piano to include in the edit. 75 entries were submitted via You Tube and the winner, Wes Sutton, was announced on July 19, 2007.

The video is only commercially available at the US and Canadian iTunes Store for 1,99$.