Tori Amos: Lyrics

Thursday 11 August 2011, by Cécile Desbrun

Omnibus Press
Release Date : August 2001

Softcover Edition
Catalog n° : OP 48131
US ISBN: 0.8256.1692.1
UK ISBN: 0.7119.7626.0

Hardcover Edition
Catalog n° : OP 48521
US ISBN: 0.8256.1692.1
UK ISBN: 0.7119.7626.0

After numerous postponements, the Lyrics book was released in August 2001. 143 pages and 11,8" x 9,7", it features the lyrics of 102 Tori songs (album songs and b-sides but also songs such as "Just Ellen "and "Ruby and Gold", that Tori wrote as a teen before she even became Tori) and 35 beautiful full-color illustrations by Toriphile and jobbing graphic designer Herb Leonhard. The reproductions of his oil paintings representing many different songs are amazing and illustrate powerfuly Tori’s universe. The impression of the paintings was done with a lot of care and make this book a real treat for any serious fan. Tori also wrote an introduction for the book about how she views her songs and the way she writes lyrics.

Though the book was mainly released in softcover format, a very limited hardcover version was also released. A year later, Herb Leonhard also sold through his website an exclusive autographed hardcover version (it was signed by him, not Tori, though) with 10 separate bonus prints chosen by the buyer on his website, including some that were not featured in the book. It was sold 75$ and 5$ were donated to RAINN.

Note: Background lyrics are not included, which disappointed a few fans, and you have only the lyrics of a few Y Kant Tori Read songs, not the whole album. The Pele B-sides "Samurai" and "‘Til the Chicken" are not featured either, probably because they seemed to be mainly improvisations.

Availability and market value

The book is out-of-print but you can find it very easily on Amazon or eBay. The prices, however, vary a lot. In any case, it will cost you more than the Authorized Biography, Collectibles book or Images and Insights. For a paperback, prices begin around 18$ and the most common price is more or less 30$ (its original price), for a hardcover, it can easily cost you 60$. Again, I advise that you regularly check eBay and you could get lucky, but I’ve never seen this book sell for less than what indicated higher. As for the limited autographed hardcover with its 10 prints, I’ve never seen it on the Web. As it was the most limited and expensive edition, one can only assume it must sell far above its original 75$ price tag. If you’ve seen it on the web and would like to provide its current average value, don’t hesitate to contact me.