Monday 6 June 2011, by Cécile Desbrun

From the album : Abnormally Attracted to Sin (2009)
Directed by : Christian Lamb
Universal Republic

"Starling" shows Clyde walking through different landscapes such as the streets of a city and a beach. The bird theme of the lyrics is echoed by the presence of pigeons in the opening of the video. Other shots show Clyde paddling on a bark. At the end she reaches the US coast.

The choice of the doll is quite fitting to the song as the lyrics talk about the internal struggle of a woman living a troubled relationship with her lover. Clyde holds the archetype of Persephone on American Doll Posse (2007) and is the sensitive and introspective member of the posse, in touch with her emotions.

The American flag on the coast at the end of the video more than possibly refers to the fact Tori needed to spend more time in her home country after her problems with Epic and other personal matters. She confessed writing a part of the album in California and told interviewers that even though she’s been living in England for nearly twenty years, she still feels American at the core and misses her country, which she considers her power vortex, in difficult times. Plus, of course, the road and touring are the common thread of all the visualettes and the end can also be understood as coming home in Florida after a long world tour.

This video can be found on The Road Chronicles DVD of Abnormally Attracted to Sin’s collector edition.