Song Analysis

500 Miles

Tuesday 16 August 2011, by Cécile Desbrun

“500 Miles” is a song about Tori’s “love affair” with her husband and sound engineer Mark Hawley while touring, driving on the bus through so many countries. Despite the years, their relationship is described as a tender and sensual passion and in the lyrics, the singer compares their union to the biblical breaking of the bread (“He walked 300 miles/Just to bring me bread/His body like a sculpture/Almost decorated/and I’ll wake him as the dawn does/ and we’ll break it on the bus/saying, ’this was made for us, love’”), breathing into it a passion that was suppressed from the traditional church ritual.

The rest of the lyrics are filled with touring anecdotes. The first lines of the bridge (“Sad news, France suffered a late snow/the blooms break through the ice”) may refer to the fact it snowed in Paris in March 2005 when Tori came to the Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord to play at the Viktor & Rolf’s catwalk during the Fashion Week. Something that surprised her because it is unusual for France, as she told in a journal entry she wrote for a magazine in 2005. She came to Paris with her husband but without her musicians since it was a solo performance.

And I’m pretty sure the line “that guitar man finally confessed/he left that actress” refers to guitarist John Mayer breaking-up with Jennifer Aniston and rudely telling the medias before she does. It occured at the same time of the album’s conception, so it would be very likely. Plus, Tori already revealed in 2007 that some members of her crew read tabloids, so she may have come across one of those magazines and induced in some guilty pleasure reading! :D She also said in a webcast interview for in 2009 that she would definitely seduce Aniston if she was a man and that she would know how to do it.