Tuesday 14 June 2011, by Cécile Desbrun

Beauty. What is that to you?
A) Architecture.
B) the light on the water turning it into aquamarine.
C) another woman’s face or hair or figure that you quietly crave for 30 seconds.
Passion. Are you pasisonate about anything? What do you see when you look in the mirror? Stop. Don’t turn away. Stay a while. Let’s look closer. No. You are not allowed to find the faults first, not in my game. We will find the beauty first. (CD booklet)

From my balcony I can see that the surfers are up this morning as early as I am. They have waves to ride, I have planes to catch. I don’t mind the marine layer moving in, hugging the shore.

Below me a west coast voice ringing out from a striking guy with dreads, in his mid-20’s.
‘Monica. Stop it. What’s wrong with me sayiong I want to go? What’s wrong???, I really want to hear what’s wrong with that statement?’ This Monica person says something that pushes his “go switch” and he repeats louder (and presently only the surfers are immune). ‘No. Monica. You tell me what’s wrong with ME saying I want to go?’ At this stage in the argument no one, absolutely no one, knows what on earth these two are arguing about. All of the bystanders (or balcony standers - that would be me) can uncomfortably look on. We’ve all been there. The boardwalk slows to watch. Rollerbladers, shark-like, turn back and circle. Is it a feeding? I think not. A freezing. Lovers quarreling stops us dead in our tracks. But we can’t seem to stop watching. No one can pull themselves away. He is frustrated. He is angry. She is inconsolable. She walks away from it all. He follows, raising his voice. By this part in our public lovers fight, a Santa Monica cop car pulls up to the striding couple with a window rolled-down. The cop car, scatters on-lookers and eavesdroppers a few feet across the boardwalk, cyclists included. I think back to a love scene (Shakespeare?) when a romantic heart was what gave that particular young man the strenght to overcome 50 feet of brick and mortar to climb to the bedroom of his beloved and profess his love to her. I begin to wonder how Monica was wooed by this striking guy with the dreads. Did he create with his hands an aphrodisiac to melt in her mouth? She doesn’t look as if she’s eaten very much very recently. He’s educated, you can hear it. Did he write her poetry? How long has it been since he gave her romantic attention?

The officer asks something. The young man says, ‘Just an argument with my wife.’ So Monica is his wife. Marriage... am I afraid of it? I have friends who are married. Some are turned out. Some are turned down. Some are turned off. They all tell me, ‘It takes work.’ I tell them love is not work. ‘Oh but it is,’ I am told. With tears of agony she will say, ‘Love brings pain, Santa.’ No. Rejection brings pain. ‘Rejection from love or from the person you love.’ But before the rejection, I say, there is something else. An inability to see the other one needs. Or, a decision to put your needs aside when they are not being met. To all of this there are unforeseen consequences. When you are in love you meet each other’s needs. You forgive. Because you value this substance that cannot be found in a bottle of fake spirits or of perfume. Why do we stop holding it dear? Looking at that person that brought you to the highest highs at one time, you ask how did we get here? A land where lovers starve.

Love is ever changing. Not all lovers were meant to be together through their whole life. Some of us prepare a lover for their next relationship. Some of us have gone as far as we want to go in another remationship. Some of us don’t want to bail but we can’t seem to restart the engine to pull ourselves out of the depths. But when love is what propels you, for your mate as well as yourself, then you find the right answer. (American Doll Posse tourbook)


Thursday, June 14, 2007 - 4:26 PM
Santa’s Travel Tips

Hi boys and girls, long time no speak. The traveling has been stressy to say the least. But a girl can get by if she just packs wisely. Speaking of packing, these airlines are wrecking my scene. I’ve been put down to one bag for Finland. I tried to get Isabel to give me half her bag because lets face it she can sleep in the same clothes as long as she has her camera and her rollups. So if you ever find yourself being reduced to one back on a flight to the land of the midnight sun there are a few things a girl should never forget. We are going to prioritize things:

Number one: Flatiron- Butane is best. Why? Avoid those international plugs. Your trusty flatiron needs to never let you down, or I should say- let you curl.

Number two: Lunesta, you get the sleep without the hangover. I don’t have time to oversleep.

Number three: Lipstain- Nars Indian Red. Not only does it not rub off on my microphone, it doesn’t rub off anywhere, not even on your pillow.

Number four: Magic Jeans. Now magic jeans are the must have item for every traveling female. Not only are magic jeans contoured specifically to a woman’s hips, but they give you a long leg and you can sit in them for hours without feeling any pain.

Number five: Medium heel sandal that goes with almost everything. This is so incredibly important ’cause when you only get one bag your medium heels have to be versatile. I suggest a metallic Sergio Rossi.

Number six: Almost see-through long sleeve black and nude Wofford bodysuits. These can go under anything when the weather changes from hot summer day to chilly northern feels like winter weather. This way all your spring/summer looks are still usable and cute but you just have these form fitting body-hugging friends.

Number seven: Lavender sleep mask. When you are traveling to places that are almost constantly in daylight, you have to find ways to shut out the light. I can’t sleep in the light. I have a hard time sleeping full stop. Lavender keeps your eyes from swelling, which let’s face it when you’re not getting any sleep you can use all the help you can get.

Number eight: Always carry a warm zip-up hoodie. I had no idea how frequently I would be reaching for my faux fur zip-up hoodie. It was a little something I purchased for a ski-bunny adventure. It was a last minute - o h I’ll just throw it in my bag afterthought and boy oh boy I am living as a ski-bunny in the summer. May I say boys and girls that I am one of the few who has no goosebumps.

Number nine: Luna bars. For those who have cut down on their carbs let me tell you Europe will not be your greatest support system. Bread, Bread, Bread, Bread ... endlessly. Ok so the fruit is good, but when you’re one the run you just don’t have time to sit and have a two-hour fruit fest. A coffee to go is easy to find anywhere and consistent, therefore if you always have "a bar that can be a meal" in your carryon, oh hell make it two or three, you will survive the horrors with no starch on the sauce.

Number ten: Last but not least your toiletry bag must be completely self-contained. Besides all the obvious amenities make-up remover isn’t allowed on the carryons, therefore Simple do the best wipes that I’ve found. It works for sticky fingers as well. Nail polish remover pads with acetone, it’s a must. You also must carry not just one but two nail varnish colors otherwise it limits your outfit choices, I’m rocking Silver by Chanel and a color I keep secret. Also in this group the most important would be pentaxyl cream. Literally this little product is what we call botox in a bottle. It definitely is a cream that has surprising results.

I hope this little list of mine entertains as well informs. Think of me as I make my way to the land that never sleeps, the tour manager has just given me my wake-up call time. I will be dressing for the plane in a few hours and lounging until I’m called.

Love and Lippy