Wedding Day

Tuesday 20 May 2014, by Cécile Desbrun

« They’re on a hill looking up at the stars, and Jupiter and the earth and the star system, the constellations that seem to be taking part of their celebrations. They’re so connected to that magical otherworldly experience, they’re able to share that and yet, somehow they’re not sharing anymore and silence has become the mistress, the siren between them. And it’s so loud the silence. They don’t share anymore... And I think in order for her to stay in the relationship, she goes back, almost walks back in time to this place where they did share and thinks, ’Well, if we did once, how could we get that back again?’ And then so at a certain point – she keeps all these things to herself of course, and at the end of the day, when he falls asleep, she’s wondering if he’s dreaming of their wedding day as well. » (Unrepentant Geraldines DVD interview)

"’Wedding Day’ is, I guess, a reflection of a time when things were really magical between this couple. And so, making sure that the track was holding an arrangement space for her to look back as well as to be in the present. And in the present, there’s a very obvious mistress between them, and the mistress is silence, and she’s the siren that is between this couple. So in order to express that, tell that story and then to burst into what that wedding day was like those years ago, that was really part of our fun. We had a lot of fun developing that. So there was a lot of playing back and forth, jumping from the roads,the electric keyboards to the mellotron flutes to the Bösendorfer as well as the electric and acoustics. And then a certain type of precaution was demanded because there was a mixture, we have certain Native American drums, certain ... (misheard) drums, but they’re non-Christian type of celebration, because it felt as if we wanted to go further than that, almost an ancient marriage that wasn’t about religion but before that. So that was all part of the development piece." (Spotify’s Unrepentant Geraldines track-by-track audio commentary)