Tuesday 20 May 2014, by Cécile Desbrun

« The song grew out of our conversations. It wasn’t a complete song and we’ve been traveling together, talking about it... We were together at Christmas where it’s very much about... we’ll sit around as a family and I’ll play the piano and Mark will play the guitar and Tash will sing... Things come out of those moments. Particularly at the beach house, because we’re not in work mode, so it’s just allowing each other to express and create. I talked to her about it, I said, ’You know, Tash, you realize, this is very much almost a private conversation that we’re recording and allowing people to see’ and she said to me, ’But there’s nothing we need to hide about it. It’s a good thing, right, this conversation? We promise good things.’ I said, ’Yeah, we did promise good things.’ And so you begin to see that she doesn’t feel the need to hide it or she’s not thinking about what the exposure could mean, but she’s been touring since she was a year old, so she’s been around the crew, she’s around backstage. And in that way, she’s not thinking like that. She’s just saying, ’It’s an honest conversation so, what’s the problem?’ And you think, ’Oh, OK!’ You’re not stepping seven months from now thinking about the trolls on the Internet and their commentary. And she doesn’t think like that. » (Unrepentant Geraldines DVD interview)