Cloud Riders

vendredi 5 juillet 2019, par Cécile Desbrun

standing on the edge of the cliff
didn’t think it would come to this
a dead calm before the storm
not a sound from their engines
from the other side
saw a shooting star at 4:22 am

a warning shot from the rhythm demons
or from the guitar preachers
I’ve been touched by both
and by the holy ghost
from the other side
saw a shooting star at 4:22 am

underneath the stars above
I said, "no stop I am not
giving up on us"
and I am not going anywhere soon
Annie grab your bass guitar
help me bring in the October Moon
then you shout, "Run for cover"
I scream, "Rev the Triumph’s engine"
You say, "baby we’re too late
from the Cloud Riders no escape"
Darlin’ what’s the blanket for ?
Riding out this Storm
we’ll be Riding out this Storm

carved a stave against the grain
at the nine doors to gain
the secrets of Trees
once I could hear them singing
from the other side
back then the Thunder Gods
they used to cast our lots
but then I lost touch
close to when her chariot
from the other side
a chariot pulled by cats
purring, "we’ll be returning"
from the other side
"Girl it’s time you take back your life"