Lady in Blue

Monday 6 June 2011, by Cécile Desbrun

From the album : Abnormally Attracted to Sin (2009)
Directed by : Christian Lamb
Universal Republic

"Lady in Blue" shows a sad and blue Santa walking through the streets of London in the evening. Christian Lamb plays with the color blue throughout the video : the blue of the Tower Bridge, the Thames, the night, the city lights… At the end of the video, Santa sees the flashing blue neon signboard of a lounge, the "Blue Lounge"… very reminiscent of the blue lounge signboards in David Lynch’s movies Blue Velvet or Mulholland Drive (plus, Lynch was seemingly pretty inspired by the "lady in blue" story, a L.A. urban myth, for these two movies).

The famous director is known for his tragic and fragile femmes fatales and is quite obsessed with the colors red and blue, which are predominant in all of his theatre and lounge scenes. In Blue Velvet (1986), Dorothy Vallens (Isabella Rossellini) is a lounge singer held hostage by a mafioso (Dennis Hopper) who abducted her husband and her son and rapes her and Tori once stated it was one of her favorite movies ever.

She never told the song was inspired by David Lynch’s movies and it might be a long shot, still it is funny to note they both made references to the lady in blue or "blue lady" legend in a very cabaret atmosphere (Lynch being obsessed with the 50’s and 60’s American imagery)… plus, the keyboards in the song can recall the very dreamy and eerie scores by Angelo Badalamenti, the director’s composer, and Lynch’s own keyboards compositions heard in Blue Velvet and Twin Peaks.

The fact that Santa is the main character of this visualette makes sense since she’s representing the sensuality of Aphrodite. The lyrics evoke a woman working in show business (possibly a singer and piano player), who "wronged the right man" and goes to a lounge at night to join male players and play along to drown her sorrow. Though quite elusive, the lyrics can evoke in imagination a very charismatic cabaret performer too sensual for her own good or maybe too devoted to her career, which brings jealousy in her couple. A thematic very reminiscent of films noirs such as Gilda by Charles Vidor (1946).

This video can be found on The Road Chronicles DVD of Abnormally Attracted to Sin’s collector edition.