All These Years: The Authorized Illustrated Biography

by Kalen Rogers

Thursday 11 August 2011, by Cécile Desbrun

Catalog n°: OP 47756 (Omnibus Press – a Division of Book Sales Limited)
1st Edition : December 1994
2nd Edition : Summer 1996
ISBN UK : 0.7119.4827.5
ISBN US : 0.8256.1448.1

All These Years is the first official biography ever printed on Tori Amos. Released on December 1994, the project was first announced by Tori in an interview for the Baltimore Sun in July 1994. “My father is putting out a pictorial biography, through Music Sales, who prints all my sheet music.” She explained that her parents thought it was an important thing to do, even so early in her career, “to show an accurate accounting of what really happened. There’s so much unclear information, I think because I started so little.“ The author of the book, Kalen Rogers, was thus given full cooperation by Tori, her family and management and spent a lot of time with Tori’s parents sorting through the family archive to choose representative photos of Tori as a kid, a teenager and a young woman singing in piano bars.

Though there are loads of information on Tori now, whether it’s in print or on the Web – and you probably know most of the pictures of her youth – this biography is definitely worth checking since you’ll find some exclusive quotes and details by Tori and her inner circle as well as recommendation letters and documents from her piano-bar era.

Additionnally, you’ll find the dates for her three first world tours as well as a discography. Plus, Rogers presents Tori’s life and career in a chronological order while breathing life to her text, far from the quickly assembled and blankly written books you can find on each and every artist and celebrity. It’s not an analytical book on her career and songs, but a very decent and interesting biography. You can see a lot of attention was put inside this book and that the project wasn’t initiated in the idea of making easy bucks on Tori’s growing notoriety. Though it’s far from being as beautiful as the Lyrics book or Comic Book Tattoo (which is a very different project, anyway), All These Years is also a pretty object, 132 pages in its second edition, 9”x11,5” and featuring over 150 photos nicely printed.

The first edition is 116 page long and covers Tori’s career until the middle of Under the Pink’s World Tour. A second edition was published during the summer 1996. The cover picture is different and contains an addition of 16 pages about Boys for Pele and 30 new photographs.

Availability and market value

The second edition is still commercially available and costs around 15€ in Europe. The first edition is out-of-print, so you’ll have to search eBay, Amazon and such to find a used copy. Though it will cost you more than the second edition, you can generally find it at a reasonable price, around 18 and 30€. Don’t spend more than this!